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Aircraft Specialties Services has been in business for 35 years. We are proud to be the largest and most sophisticated engine component machine shop dedicated to the piston overhaul market. The business was founded in 1977 with the intention of creating a world class facility with exceptional quality. Aircraft Specialties is an FAA approved 14 CFR Part 145 Repair Station located in Tulsa, Oklahoma USA. Our customer base is worldwide.

Customer service is our hallmark. We invested considerable effort in attracting and retaining the most talented and knowledgeable sales and support staff. All of our sales people have extensive experience in other parts of the company prior to joining Sales. Machine Shop customers can have their questions answered directly by a Shop or QA Supervisor who is intimately familiar with the work in process. Our in-house Engineering staff continuously develops repairs for existing parts or creates new PMA parts when the market demands them.

Aircraft Specialties Services warranties its reconditioned parts for the same duration as new OEM parts. This provides the end user with the utmost in confidence and ensures that saving money doesn’t involve additional uncertainty or risk. If you prefer new parts we have a knowledgeable sales staff that can help you get the correct part the first time at a competitive price.

Aircraft Specialties Services operates under the principles of Continuous Improvement, (CI). We solicit customer feedback to ensure our quality remains at its highest level.

Aircraft Specialties Services is continuously striving to develop new processes to help reduce the cost of engine repair. We utilize an "in-house" engine test facility to make sure our repairs stand up under the most extreme conditions and exceed F.A.A. certification requirements. In this test facility, we run duration tests for a minimum of 150 hours at excessive heat and high power settings. Every new repair we develop helps you keep engine overhaul or repair expenses at a minimum.

Throughout our history, Aircraft Specialties Services has built a reputation as the leader in reconditioning and re-machining crankshafts, camshafts, tappet bodies, connecting rods, and many other components for piston-driven aircraft engines.

Today, we not only provide you with virtually any machine shop repair you need but also carry a full line of aircraft parts and supplies - everything from engine parts to spark plugs and tires.

Replacement Cylinders for Lycoming and Continental engines. Lifter Hydraulic 15B28037 for Lycoming, Lifter Assy 657912 Continental Motors.

  • Tapit Bodies MRO

    Tappet bodies undergo a complete remanufacturing process on the same equipment utilized for new manufacture. Tappets are degreased and ultrasonically cleaned. The spherical radius is precision ground on the latest state of the art CNC machines. Each batch is then heat-treated with a process that forms a wear-resistant coating.

  • Camshafts MRO

    A complete receiving inspection is performed on each camshaft. The camshaft is degreased, cleaned, magnetic particle and dimensionally inspected. Repairs are performed, including regrinding lobes to the original profile and taper. The surface finish is restored by Parkerizing where required

  • Crankshafts MRO

    Crankshafts receive a thorough inspection upon arrival. A serial number is permanently etched onto the part. Crankshafts are then disassembled, cleaned, and Magnetic Particle inspected. If no cracks or metallurgical flaws are found, a detailed dimensional evaluation and visual inspection is performed. Crankshafts found within repair limits will be repaired on a custom shop order to your specification

  • Gill & Concorde Batteries

    We stock a full line of Gill and Concorde batteries for your aircraft. Batteries are shipped dry and acid is included with the battery purchase.

  • Aero Creeper

    Adjustable Creeper w/Heavy Duty 5" TPU Casters - AC1001-HD5

  • Continental CamShaft

    Continental Camshaft (0-200)-643067

  • Lycoming Camshaft

    Camshaft - 235 Series - AEL75706

  • Continental Crankshaft

    520 Big Main Crankshaft – 649898

  • Lycoming Crankshaft

    Crankshaft Assy, 4.375 Stroke, 360 Series .44" Flange, Solid Front Main ID, 1/2"-20 Long Prop Bushings


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