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As a small team we provide FAR Part 145.163 Training. My personal experience includes a past accountable/training manager for 1 large piston and 1 smaller turbine repair station. Also, as a past FAA inspector I performed numerous training inspections of various U.S. repair stations including Pratt and Whitney.

I provide Repair Stations /AMOs with training lessons and good advice (sometimes local FAA policy is not always federal FAA policy). Training lessons will be sent to your facility by attachment for in-house trainers. Lessons are applicable to FAR Parts 1, 43, 65, 145, TCDS, human factors, and other good information.

Lessons are approximately 1 hour, or 2 thirty-minute sessions (suggested). General subjects not specific to any class or limitations and will fit all repair stations and AMOs. There is plenty of room for discussions if desired. The more experienced individuals receive a recurrent refresher, less experienced receive ongoing training, and newer employees receive initial training. All text is in word format. Q-questions. A-Answers in small print following questions for instructor.

A laptop linked to a large screen TV, or any other projector type device can be used in a classroom setting making the text larger and more readable, or for small groups, simply read from text.

I also charge a small fee ($20) for lessons emailed to back to you on request. This is significantly more cost-effective than taking your employees time away from their job to gather training information.

Tom Gierhart

657 N Mandalay Rd
Salt Lake City, UT  84116