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FAR Part 145.163 Repair Station Training
Maintenance, QA, Training, Management, CEO.
Ref: FAR Part 145.163

Please Let me introduce myself as a former repair station accountable/training manager for 1 large piston and 1 smaller turbine repair station. Also, as a past FAA inspector, I have performed numerous training inspections of various U.S. repair stations including Pratt & Whitney.
Now retired, I serve repair stations as a trainer, both in house and remote. I supply monthly ongoing training lessons on request. This is significantly more cost-effective than taking employees valuable work time gathering training information.
The lessons are approximately 1 hour, or 2 thirty-minute sessions (suggested) on general subjects not specific to any certain type of repair station or by class or limitations but will fit all. It has room for discussions if desired. Answers are in small print following the Questions for instructors.
Lessons may be used over again periodically. The more experienced individuals receive a recurrent refresher, the less experienced receive ongoing training, and the newer employees receive initial training.
I charge $25 each for each continued lesson emailed to you on request. I also perform onsite training and FAA simulated Repair Station walk-through inspections. You receive a list of my findings and not a list of FAA violations. I charge $.50 a mile travel round trip, $15 per hour travel time, and $50 per hour on site. This investment may be far less expensive than a violation fine!
My career in aviation spans 22 years military aviation management, 18 years FAA Inspector, 14 years DAR (Designated Airworthiness Representative) certifying 596 aircraft in all categories.
FAR Regulations - Maintenance - Certification - Advice
At times we need guidance with the above categories. FARs are complicated and occasionally the FAA, and others like owners, management, or supervisors, may use Local Rules vs Federal guidance. As past FAA Inspector, DAR aircraft certifier, and manager of 2 Repair stations I have experienced this.
Contact me for confidential assistance that may help you, or your business stay out of harm’s way. I am available for consultation at a very reasonable rate. My guidance is practical and by the rule.
If you know others that may benefit from this training or assistance, please forward. Thank you.
Tom Gierhart HardAirServices@yahoo.com facebook.com/tom.gierhart.75
Note: Some Repair Stations do not have a direct email address to attach my Complementary Lesson. In this case, please email me with a training request and I will return the lesson to your email address as an attachment. Thank You

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