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We remove hard metal fasteners in less than 10 seconds!

Perfect Point is changing the way structural maintenance is performed in the 21st century, by providing a Faster, Safer, and Better method of removing “Hard-Metal” Fasteners in airframe structures and engines. E-Drill yields 20x productivity improvements, drives first-pass quality, reduces the cost of consumables, increases throughput and protects workers.

The E-Drill uses a patented, advanced EDM process to effortlessly drill hard metal fasteners. We have also developed a number of tools and fixtures that significantly improve drilling accuracy thus reducing damage done with traditional fastener removal techniques.

The S-Blaster is a very unique tool that quickly and easily cleans surface material like paint, primers, and corrosion from the heads of permanent and removable threaded fasteners using a closed loop system. The S-Blaster is designed specifically for aircraft structure and aircraft engine work, but will be useful in any application where the torque recess of a threaded fastener is contaminated and does not allow full engagement of the driver to the fastener.

During our short history, we have developed a world class list of customers and partners including Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, Pratt and Whitney, Gulfstream, Bombardier, USAF, USN, United, Delta, American and many other aerospace and aviation industry leaders. Our tools are being used on a large number of commercial and military aircraft and engines.

Please contact us if you would like more information about the company, our services, tools and technology.

  • E Drill by Perfect Point

    The E-drill is the only tool using Electo-Discharge Machining technology in a hand-held device. This hand tool utilizes this force-less process to remove hard-metal fasteners in mere seconds.

  • S-Blaster Coating Removal System

    The S-Blaster is the perfect tool for removing paint and residue from small areas. The handheld tool clears off paint, debris and residue from all types of fasteners – removable and permanently installed. This closed loop system has a HEPA filter and is completely self-contained which significantly reduces the costs and risks associated with the removal of toxic coatings and paints.

    The S-Blaster includes: S-Blaster Unit, 3 lbs. Plastic Blast Media, 2 Waste Bottles, 1 Pre-Filter, 1 Nozzle Wrench, 1 each 0.300″, 0.400″, and 0.500″ Locators. Perfect Point also provides a consumables kit that includes 1.5 lbs. of Plastic Blast Media stored in a Waste Bottle and 1 Pre-Filter. Perfect Point recommends you replace the Pre-Filter approximately every 1,000 cycle. This provides our customers with a convenient way to refill the media, replace the pre-filter, and manage the waste material.

  • Single Shot Air Punch

    The Single Shot Air Punch (SSAP) is designed to remove the flange heads from fasteners that have been cut using the E-drill. The nose adapter engages in the E-drill cut groove to prevent misalignment. The Air Punch uses a single strike to the fastener pin and no other part of the structure to provide a better, faster, and safer removal. SSAP reduces potential damage to the structure, and significantly reduces the chance of impact injury and repetitive motion injury to the operator.

  • E-drill Vacuum Locator Tools

    The key to the E-drill Fastener Separation Technology(FST) process is LOCATION, it’s why our damage rate is less than 1%. A magnifying “bombsight” with circular rings, interchangeable apertures, or a mechanical locking mechanism is placed inside the vacuum locator tool to align to the center of the fastener.

    Once the location is set, the locator tooling is held in place using vacuum. The hand tool is then inserted in the locator tool to make the cut. Locator tools are key to the “Perfect Cut” and when used correctly, completely eliminates accidental damage to the structure.

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  • E Drill Demonstrations

    Check out our easy to follow videos helping you select the right e-drill for your work needs!

  • E Drill Academy

    Welcome to Perfect Point's E-drill Academy. Here we have videos that cover everything from the theory of operation to unboxing, using, and maintaining the E-drill system. When you complete these training videos, you should be able to use and maintain your E-drill system, and troubleshoot some basic issues commonly faced in the field. To watch the full playlist, view the main video, otherwise scroll down to browse our collection of individual videos.

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