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Reich Tool & Design (RTD) is a second generation family-owned business that was founded on conservative Christian values in 1965. Located in Menomonee Falls, WI is our 52,000 square foot state of the art manufacturing facility housing the latest technologies. Services provided include CNC Machining (3, 4, & 5-Axis), CNC Turning, Swiss Turning, Wire EDM, Waterjet Cutting, Tool & Die, In-House Design and Engineering for the metal stamping industry, Cleanroom Assembly, Laser Marking and Laser Welding. We provide contract manufacturing, tool & die and cleanroom services for Fortune 500 OEMs as well as small to mid-size companies throughout the country and abroad. RTD holds certifications in ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 and is ITAR Registered.

Reich Tool & Design, Inc provides high-value manufacturing concepts to a wide variety of aerospace companies with our advanced CNC machining capabilities. We have strategically invested in state of the art, high-speed CNC machines to consistently hold tight tolerances and process parts to an increased level of precision and productivity. Recently, we have invested in a powerful 5-Axis DMC 65 MonoBlock® Machining Center, equipped with an automatic pallet changer for absolute efficiency and maximum production.

We can promote high-speed production of complex parts with a lot of flexibility due to the swivel rotary table, 90-tool capacity, and spindle speeds of up to 18,000 RPM. The 5-Axis has a large work area, allowing sizes up to 24.8” X 19.7” to be 3D machined using 3+2 or true 5-Axis cutting.

- DMG Mori 5-Axis
- 90 Tool Capacity
- 3 Pallet Changer
- 18,000 RPM
- 24.8″ X 19.7″ Work Envelope

We house multiple CNC Machining centers, and have a team of skilled, knowledgeable CNC specialists with the experience to complete projects on time, at the highest level of quality. Our leading-edge software that is used to program tool paths can trim cutting times by up to 50%. With our custom-designed set-up pallet system, parts flow through the machining process rapidly & systematically, allowing us to achieve the greatest efficiency of each machine.

These machining centers are superb at cutting a multiplex of shapes, drilling holes at complicated angles, and achieve exemplary surface finishes which ultimately saves steps by reducing the man hours needed to generate parts. It allows better access to intricate part geometry, making the “Print to Part” process much faster to help improve productivity and profitability.

With spindle speeds up to 20,000 RPM and 1,000 psi thru-spindle coolant system, our 3-Axis machines are able to drill up to 7 times faster than typical high-speed drilling processes. We CNC machine simple shapes or geometrically complex parts with dimensions up to 116” in length X 50” in width X 36” in height.

- 3-Axis Machining
- 20,000 RPM Spindle Speeds
- 1,000 PSI Thru-Spindle Coolant
- Maximum 116” x 50” x 36” Capacity
- Shrink Fit Tooling

Our CNC’s have the power to machine materials such as Aluminum, Copper, Titanium, Stainless Steel, Nickel, Carbon Steels, Alloy and Tool Steels. We also have the specialized skills to machine high-strength, high-temperature Aerospace Super Alloys. Whether it’s a high volume order, or a 1 piece prototype project, we can supply it to your precise requirements, every time.

Metal Stamping Dies

For over 50 years the Tool & Die experts at RTD have been helping to form the future of American manufacturing by designing and constructing the highest of quality metal stamping dies. Our highly skilled journeymen tool & die makers share their years of expertise to assist in the development of the apprentices that are on their own journey to becoming the next generation of experts in building progressive, compound, transfer, and form tooling for our diverse customer base.

The tool room was designed and developed to support the needs of our team by providing the best in class tooling to our discerning client base. At the heart of this venture is a CNC machining cell that was engineered using lean principles. The team that developed the cell focused on the elimination of waste. In addition to the CNC cell, the tool room is supported by several Wire EDMs, and waterjet cutting that can create development blanks as well as speed up the tool machining process.

  • Contract Machining

    - (25) Machining Centers
    - 3, 4, 5 Axis Machining
    - (5) Turning Centers
    - Swiss Turning
    - (4) Wire EDM’s
    - Waterjet

  • Tool & Die

    - Progressive Dies
    - Transfer Dies
    - Compound Dies
    - Form Tools
    - Pierce Tools
    - Repairs
    - Replacement and Spare Components
    - Engineering Changes

  • Design & Engineering

    RTD accepts all the standard file formats:

    - STP
    - Parasolid
    - IGES
    - AutoCad
    - Solidworks

    Our design & engineering software is driven by latest technology water-cooled computers allowing them to process more data at higher speeds than conventional systems permit.

  • Metal Stamping Dies

    Upon the completion of the tools by the craftsmen in our tool and die assembly area, the tools will be proven out in one of our three try-out presses. Completed first piece samples are verified in our fully equipped Quality Lab which includes the following: Browne & Sharpe CMM, Vision System, and a Faro Arm with Laser Scanner.

  • Wire EDM

    With increased demand for tighter tolerances & better surface finishes at a lower cost per part, Wire EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) is a very qualified manufacturing alternative. With thirty years of experience, our competency and skill with Wire EDM allow us to produce highly complicated contoured shapes with repeatable tolerances as tight as ±.0002”, easily machine critical features, sharp corners, deep cavities, and tapers (External or Internal) up to 30°.

  • Water Jet Cutting

    - 60,000 PSI
    - Dynamic Cutting Head
    - 72” X 144” Work Area
    - Cutting to 9” Thick
    - No Heat Affected Zone
    - Cut any Metals
    - Cut Plastic, Foam, Gaskets
    - Cut Glass, Stone, Rubbe

  • CNC Turning / Swiss Machining

    To meet the demands of our customers and their ever-changing needs, Reich Tool & Design has enhanced our production capabilities to include high-performance CNC Turning & CNC Swiss Machining services. We bring a new level of attention and accuracy to the production of small parts & those with complex geometries, and long, slender characteristics.

  • Cleanroom Services

    - Ultrasonic Washing
    - Citric Passivation
    - Particulate Testing
    - Cleanroom Assembly
    - Cleanroom Packaging
    - Laser Welding
    - Laser Marking

W175 N5750 Technology Dr.
Menomonee Falls, WI  53022