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Schweiss Doors leads the nation in bifold and hydraulic door production
Schweiss Doors began its 38-year run in 1980. During that span of time many doors “literally” have opened across the world.
Three signature door styles now lead the way. They include the ever-popular bifold liftstrap doors; hydraulic one-piece doors and a dynamic designer door line, all manufactured at the Schweiss Door factory in Fairfax, Minnesota.
As the popularity of Schweiss quality doors expands, more and more calls come in from the industrial, commercial and residential sectors. Today the aviation industry, agricultural market and industrial doors claim the biggest foothold on total sales.
Our Schweiss Doors sales and engineering staff is able to present a computerized quote to a client in a matter of minutes. Talented draftsmen work hand-in-hand with architects, engineers and building contractors. Factory personnel have the latest high-tech production equipment to produce the perfect custom-made door each and every time.
Door owners are now requesting our patented bifold liftstrap door conversion kit to replace their cable-lift doors with liftstraps that open doors faster, safer and quieter. Our hydraulic doors standout from all other manufacturers doors and feature beefed up hinges with grease zerks, spherical bearings and double push tubes. You lose no headroom with both the bifold and hydraulic door models.
Schweiss doors are also available with upgrade equipment such as walk doors, battery back-up systems, windows, photo eye sensors, door base safety edges, warning and entrance lights and horns.
Factory installation is available, but many door owners are able to install the doors themselves by following our easy step-by-step instructions.
Door size and mass production aren't an issue for Schweiss Doors. The biggest bifold door to date is a massive 140' wide and we’ve produced doors over 60’ in height. Our largest single project was for an order of 145 T-Hangar doors. We do not just build a door; we manufacture a better more affordable door!
Schweiss Doors “brand name” stands out in the industry. Today business is brisk, with national and international door orders topping sales goals each and every year. Schweiss Doors has always worked hard to establish customer trust and credibility, first and foremost by manufacturing a quality product.

  • Chuckey, Tennessee Barn Hangar

    Dick Merrill’s Chuckey, Tennessee 60’ x 80’ barn hangar that holds his 1953 replicated 180 ‘Spirit of Columbus’ 180 Cessna has a 50’ x 15.6’ Schweiss bifold liftstrap door with photo eye sensors, autolatches, remote opener and an emergency backup system.
    The exterior of the bifold door and hangar are clad in HardiePlank® lap siding that matches Merrill’s adjacent home. Jerrie Mock was the first woman pilot to make a round-the-world flight in this same model plane in 1964.

  • Life Flight “Koala” Helicopter Hangar

    The Life Flight “Koala” helicopter stands ready at the landing pad at Lewiston-Nez Perce County Regional Airport in Lewiston, Idaho. Behind it is their new 108’ x 85’ hangar that has a Schweiss 70’x17’ bifold liftstrap door.
    The Schweiss patented liftstrap door is equipped with autolatches, is well insulated and windrated at 120 mph. Inside the hangar are 24/7 crew quarters for flight crew and local administrative staff.

  • Coolest Hangar-Home Ever

    Dan Shaw of Geneva, Florida approached Schweiss Doors with an idea for his new hangar-home. He wanted a hangar that didn’t look like a hangar. Schweiss had the answer for him with this lifting porch hydraulic door.
    When the 45’ x 15’ Schweiss hydraulic door opens, the entire patio deck, wrap-around porch, decorator railing, table and chairs, walk through door, stylish windows, and veranda roof lift with it. A larger hydraulic system was used for the heavier porch door.

  • Helicopter Hangar Wins NFBA Award

    The National Frame Building Association named this Purcellville, Virginia farm hangar as its 2017 “Building of the Year” for commercial buildings under 5,000 sq. ft.
    A Schweiss 55’ x 16’ hydraulic door with tinted windows, faux porch and faux sliding door gives it a very distinct designer look. A stronger lift system was incorporated for the additional 7,100 pounds of wood cladding on the door. Four decorative tinted windows, two with awnings, make it stand out even more.

  • Cape Canaveral Rocket Hangar

    Schweiss Doors has built large doors installed at Cape Canaveral, Waco, Texas and Vandenberg AFB in California, and they keep coming back for more.
    A lot of specialized things were associated with these doors that Schweiss Doors had to conform with. The largest of two doors delivered to the Cape was a Bifold Liftstrap door 90’ wide x 61’ tall. A second door was 40’ wide x 69’ tall. Each of the doors exceeding 53,000 lbs. is equipped with auto latches and windrated to 150 mph.

  • Sandpoint, Idaho Airpark Fly-In Community

    Two sets of Schweiss Bifold liftstrap doors, each 45’ x 14’ 9” are partially open at the SilverWing at Sandpoint model residence. The decorative cladding gives them a real designer door look.
    With remote openers and autolatching features, a pilot doesn’t have to leave the cockpit to open or close them. SilverWing at Sandpoint has living quarters with a beautiful view. Building plans offer five residence-style hangars and two commercial-style hangars.

  • Hangar Developer Has 11 Schweiss Doors

    Eldon Gjesdal, has modern hangars at the Villeneuve Airport near Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. His hangars are often chosen over other hangars to hold public events.
    Gjesdal has a total of 11 Schweiss bifold liftstrap doors on his hangars. The doors vary in width from 57’8” to 50’ and 16’8” to 16’ in height. These doors have walk doors, photo eye sensors and automatic latch systems. They are well-insulated with in-floor heated high quality epoxy finished concrete floors.

  • Arizona Hangar Has Style

    The inside of Dan Coury’s Queen Creek, Arizona hangar has elegance right down to the floor color scheme that matches his Lancair Evolution, Lancair IV-P and Aviat Husky.
    In addition to 13 Schweiss bifold liftstrap/autolatch doors he has already bought, he is looking at an additional 22-door order. Coury’s 31 executive box hangar complex with 60’ doors sitting on five acres is an ongoing project for him. He chose to go with Schweiss doors because of the quality and reputation.

  • Triple C Hangar

    The 7,360 sq. ft. Triple C Airpark Properties hangar in Scottsdale, Ariz. has a 86’ x 26’ Schweiss bifold liftstrap door. Twenty-four windows on both halves of the door let in ample natural light. A truss at the center of the door gives it additional strength and a walk door was added for convenient entry.
    Fourteen strong liftstraps, each rated at 29,000 lbs. tensile strength, lift the 24,700 lb. door quietly and quickly. The Schweiss autolatch system secures the door tightly to the hangar.

  • Schweiss Container Doors Open for Easy Storage

    Shipping containers come in many forms and sizes, but many don’t have door accessibility. Schweiss Doors can make any container, whether it be for hangar storage, rail or ship transport, much more user-friendly by fitting it with one or more hydraulic doors on the sides or both ends for increased, easy access.
    Schweiss doesn’t only make container doors — they can also build you a customized self-contained and secure container for use as show booths at air shows.

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