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Mantec Services is an experienced contract manufacturing company, providing proprietary safety bumpers and protection products and customized manufacturing services. We can make a custom safety bumper for any GSE equipment. Mantec offers engineering expertise and single-source project management solutions for the electronic, metal fabrication, casting, and composites industries.

We are a family-owned business located in the Seattle area supported by a dedicated and professional staff committed to meeting the needs of our clients by providing exceptional customer service. Mantec manufacturers exclusively within the United States.

Mantec stands for "Manufacturing Technologies." Since the company's founding in 1987, Mantec has risen to become a proven leader within our industry by developing proprietary and custom safety products and possessing a highly diversified project management and manufacturing portfolio. We serve a wide range of clients including Airlines, OEM's, MRO's, government agencies, marine, architectural, medical, oil and gas, and industrial partners. No job is too large or too small for our experienced team to handle, from developing a deliverable product based on an innovative concept to sourcing rare and hard-to-find solutions. We pride ourselves on our ability to pull together the necessary resources, combined with our in-house capabilities, to successfully complete most any manufacturing challenge. Mantec Services, Inc., ISO 9001-2015 IPC-A-610. A certified, woman-owned small business.

  • Maintenance Stand Coverage

    Our very satisfied customer (American Airlines) reached out to us saying they had a maintenance stand that had a corner that was causing potential damage to aircraft. Our standard elbow bumper would not work because the radius in the corner was different and there was a safety chain mid span that prevented an accurate fit. We worked with their Maintenance Supervisor, who sent a sample rail for us to work from. We created specific tooling for a perfect fit radius and to accommodate the safety chain. The project was approved and is now instituted throughout the company.

  • Belt Loader Kit

    We were approached by our regular contact at Delta Airlines to help them solve a recurring problem with a retractable railing on their belt loader equipment. When the railing was in the up position, it was causing damage to the aircraft during baggage loading. We met with the customer to review the problem, take measurements, get photos, and gather additional information. We came back and worked with our team to create test samples for trial and approval. After going through a couple of iterations, we were approved to create tooling and start production. Currently our Belt Loader Kit systems are in use, protecting aircraft, and keeping airplanes in the air!

  • Full Kits, Custom Corner Rails, and More

    We manufacture bumpers for standard-size industry lifts, as well as custom parts, replacement pieces, and FULL KITS to fit popular equipment, maintenance stands, ladder corners, baggage cart corners, guard rails, conveyors, fall arrests, etc. We offer a range of dimensions with square or round IDs, elbow corners, end caps, ladder corners, and straight rail pieces.

  • Custom Features: Ladders

    Manufactured from a self-skinning polyurethane foam that is in mold coated to lock out moisture, Mantec proprietary safety bumpers offer a variety of features, including:

    -Excellent UV resistance and color stability
    -Improved tear strength
    -Easy to install, clean, and cut to fit
    -Increased resistance to solvents and chemicals

  • Safety Bumpers

    Safety Bumper 7.00" OD x 5" ID x 40.5" Length – Yellow. Ideal solution for impact mitigation on the ends of maintenance stands, portable stairs, belt loaders, deicers, and all types of ground support equipment.

    Made in the USA from High Quality Polyurethane Self-Skinning Foam. UV and Chemical resistant.

4400 24th Ave W
Seattle, WA  98199