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As leaders in the aerospace industry for over 30 years,you can count on Mid-State Aerospace. Since 1983, Mid-State Aerospace, Inc. has been a premier provider of aerospace hardware and hose assemblies for commercial and military aerospace, as well as specialized industrial and marine applications. It is our vision to become the Premier Solutions Provider in the aerospace industry.

Products and Services Provided:

• FAA approved hose assembly fabricator of Parker Stratoflex products – certified hose shop for fabricating to your specs

• The only Stratoflex hose shop certified to fabricate oxygen lines conforming to Stratoflex part number 124392-XCR-XXXX

• Full line distributor of bulk hose, field-attachable /crimp fittings and hose assemblies from Parker Stratoflex

• Full line distributor of quick-disconnect couplings, valves and swivel joints from the Symetrics Division of Parker Stratoflex

• Distributor of AN, MS, NAS, BAC hardware, bolts, bushings, clamps, fittings, inserts, nuts, screws, washers, rivets and Hi-Lok

• Customizable solutions available for our customers through implementation of vendor managed inventory or kitting

• DOD-approved and listed on the applicable Government QPL’s as a source for hose fittings

• ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D Certified

Our goal is to get involved with your manufacturing requirements at the earliest stages, reducing the manufacturing lead time and improving on the overall manufacturing efficiency of your product.

Mid-State Aerospace, Inc. is a fully authorized distributor and hose fabricator for Parker/Stratoflex:
• 2 – 3 day lead time on most in-stock items
• Test 100% of all hose assemblies
• ID tag with lot control

Stocking Distributor for

• Achilles

• Aerofit

• Anillo

• Avibank

• Bell-Memphis

• Fastenair

• HBD/Thermoid Inc.

• Heartland Precision Fasteners

• Herbert Cooper

• Hindley

• Industrial Tube

• J & M Products

• Kirkhill-TA Co.

• LFC Industries

• Mac Fasteners

• Moeller MFG

• ND Industries

• Nylok Fastener

• Permaswage

• Pilgrim Screw

• Pivot Point Inc.

• RBC Aerospace Bearings

• R E Darling

• Reid Products

• Saturn Fasteners

• Seastrom

• Sesco


• Voss Aerospace

• West Coast Aerospace

• The Young Engineers

  • Custom Hose's made to exact specifications

    Mid-State Aerospace offers 111 rubber,124 Teflon, and 156 rubber hose; choose your fitting orientation, hose size, material code, fire sleeve, Twist Angle (if required), length, and sealing measurements. Request a custom part online, includes price and part number.

  • General Aviation Hoses

    Mid-State Aerospace is a leading supplier of general aviation hosesand has been for over 35 years The top brands in the field rely on MSA for top quality products and service. We have hoses for Cessna, Beechcraft, Piper, Mooney, and General Aviation hoses.

  • Aerospace, Industrial, and Military Couplings

    Mid-State Aerospace carries a complete line of couplings for aerospace, industrial, and military applications.Our couplings include Indi-Lok, Non-Latching , Automatic, Sub-Miniature, Slide-Lok, Single Shut Off Couplings, Thread-Lok, Break-Away Valves, Hydraulic fuses & flow regulators.

  • Aerospace, Industrial, and Military Fittings

    Mid-State Aerospace carries a complete line of fittings for aerospace, industrial, and military applications, including Crimp Fittings and Non-Crimp Fittings.

  • Aerospace, Industrial and Military Hardware

    Mid-State Aerospace carries a complete line of hardware for aerospace, industrial, and military applications. Our hardware includes Bolts, Screws, Washers, Clamps, Nuts, Rivets, Hi-loks, Fittings, and specialty items.

710 N Lindenwood Dr
Olathe, KS  66062