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Xcēd is uniquely suited to deliver end-to-end GSE solutions for the aviation ground support industry. We combine a wide range of financing options with asset management services that are unique in our industry.

Xcēd is an asset manager and operating lessor. There are many reasons why companies lease. However, what we do differently is provide our customers with flexibility.

  • Air Conditioners & Heaters

    Whether the weather is exceptionally hot or cold, it’s important to ensure that travelers are greeted by a pleasant cabin temperature without burning fuel to achieve it. For this reason, airports and carriers often turn to airport heating and cooling systems as a crucial component of their ground support equipment (GSE).

  • Air Starts

    Without them, it would be virtually impossible to get planes off the ground. Fortunately, Xcēd provides a wide range of new and refurbished air start units for aircraft as part of our GSE offerings. When you rent, lease or purchase this equipment from us, you can count on receiving the latest and most advanced models on the market.

  • Dollys

    It may not be the most sophisticated piece of ground support equipment (GSE), but the simple airport dolly is undoubtedly one of the most essential.

  • Belt Loaders

    Planes typically transport much more than passengers. No matter what the route, if it is a passenger plane it is going to be hauling luggage, the best, most efficient way to load luggage onto an airplane is to use an aircraft belt loader.

  • Ground Power Units

    They may not be as large or imposing as other types of ground support equipment (GSE), but most airlines and airports couldn’t operate without aviation ground power unit (GPU). They serve a vital purpose to protect the sensitive electronics of aircraft during maintenance and service.

  • Baggage Tractors

    Baggage tractors are designed to transport cargo and baggage carts. We have all makes and models for you to rent or lease.

  • Cargo Loaders

    Cargo Loaders do the heavy lifting involved in getting cargo in and out of a plane. Without a K Loader, it would be impossible to achieve the kind of efficiency that carriers and facilities require.

  • Conventional Pushbacks

    Can planes go in reverse? The short answer to this question is, ’yes,’ but you will rarely see this happening for two main reasons. It is costly because the plane must use its reverse thrusters and therefore uses costly fuel. Second, it is dangerous for the employees that would have to breathe in emissions from the backwards thrust.

  • Lav Carts

    Aircraft lavatory service carts are designed to remove sanitary waste from aircraft lavatories as well as replenish sanitizer fluid. We rent and lease the latest models.

  • Aircraft De Icers

    Xcēd has a wide selection of deicers for airports as well as airport runway snow removal equipment to ensure that aircraft have a safe surface for takeoffs and landings. Whether you choose to lease or purchase this equipment from us, you can count on receiving the highest quality and the best value for your money.

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