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Our company provides aviation aftermarket support utilizing our extensive warehoused inventory. To eliminate or reduce downtime, we can provide expeditious re-certified components on an exchange or outright basis.
Proserv Aviation, Inc. was established in 1992, after 15 years of experience in the corporate/airline industry. Our mission is to provide quality aftermarket support to the business aircraft industry.
Proserv Aviation, Inc. is also a buyer of surplus to add to our inventory. With our financial strength and flexibility, we will accept your surplus via cash or trade transactions.

  • 731579C

    Challenger CL601/604/605

  • 5012333

    Alt P/N 604-85123-101
    Carbon Brake
    Challenger CL604/605

  • BA05801-07

    Alt P/N GL511-1103-9
    Generator, VFG
    Bombardier Global Express

  • 5010720-1

    Alt P/N 400-8002-201
    Main wheel & tire
    Beech jet, BE400


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