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John Corriveau, owner of Lighthouse Safety, since 1993, has over 40 years of experience in the Safety Industry. John started selling safety equipment in 1978 and since has spent the past 20 years specializing in installation and training for all areas of Fall Protection, Confined Space, and Rescue. John is also an ANSI Z359 Fall Protection Code voting member since 2005. John holds a patented and trademarked fall arrest device and has traveled the world as a trainer for OSHA and the United States Air Force.

Lighthouse Safety offers several services to help you exceed Fall Protection standards. We can provide you with an assessment of your fall hazards and help you pick out the appropriate equipment and Fall Protection Systems for your jobsite or facility. Our Fall Protection Specialists offer installation services, ensuring the equipment you purchased is properly installed. We can also train your workers and supervisors on how to properly maintain and work the safety equipment. You can choose to utilize all of our services or just one to bring your facility up to OSHA standards.

Lighthouse Safety is certified by each of our manufacturers to ensure you are provided with the highest quality installation services. Don’t risk costly fines for poor Fall Protection Systems, Lighthouse Safety has all the resources to guarantee you will meet standards now and in the future. Clients include; Gulfstream, American Airlines and major FAA, EASA approved Aviation Maintenance Companies across North America.

  • Fall Arrest Systems for Aviation

    Lighthouse Safety serves a multitude of aviation companies, helping businesses meet OSHA and ANSI fall protection standards and requirements.

  • Fall Arrest System for Airplane Hanger

    A fall protection system provides complete peace of mind when it is properly utilized. It is user-friendly so there is no lessening of productivity or work quality. Work is done more quickly and efficiently, without danger of worker injury.

  • Equipment for Fall Protection

    Track systems for a fall protection system in this aircraft hangar were expertly installed by our fall protection specialists from Lighthouse Safety. We always personally — never relying on subcontractors.

  • Fall Protection for Aviation

    Fall Protection For The Aviation Industry Is Vital

    Ease of use is always an important consideration when Lighthouse Safety. Each of your workers is carefully trained on how to properly use the system. Best procedures are taught and demonstrated. A fall protection system from Lighthouse Safety is extremely user-friendly. Full mobility and worker effectiveness is assured.

  • Fall Protection System Installations

    With a team of well-qualified installers and a vast network of operations, Lighthouse Safety offers professional Fall Protection equipment installations across North America.

  • Airplane Fall Arrest System

    The fall protection system at this airport hangar was a large undertaking, expertly installed by the fall protection specialists from Lighthouse Safety. Each worker at the hangar has many concerns. Every job is literally a multi-million dollar project – cleaning, maintaining or repairing hugely expensive jets.

  • Training

    We provide Fall Protection and Confined Space training at our facility to ensure you meet all OSHA regulations. We have several training courses which range from a basic two hour Fall Protection class to a 40 hour Competent and Qualified Person training course.

  • System Design Services

    Lighthouse Safety has the expertise to install fall protection systems to OSHA standards and beyond. We design systems which are user friendly and provide maximum mobility for workers. We’ll incorporate all of your unique concerns when designing a system which looks great and ensures optimum safety.

  • Client List

    Lighthouse Safety provides superior Fall Protection and Safety services to industries with employees who work at heights on large buildings, construction sites, airplanes, and more. We have installed Fall Protection equipment for multimillion dollar companies, as well as smaller facilities with a need to meet OSHA safety standards or simply fulfill their aspirations to be best-in-class.

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