PJi Announces DART Distribution Agreement with KGB Aviation Solutionsby Press Release | May 22, 2023

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Pilot John International (PJi) is pleased to announce a new distributorship agreement with KGB Aviation Solutions. PJi now offers DART (Data Acquisition Ruggedized Tool) to easily download flight data from recorders and automatically transfer this data through a secure wireless process. Manufactured in the USA, DART is an aviation technology leader for the downloading and instant transferring of data from an FDR (Flight Data Recorder) or CVR (Cockpit Voice Recorder).

Pilot John is excited to offer customers this unique state-of-the-art device that can be remotely accessed to provide support by KGB Aviation’s engineers through a secure web portal. This includes remote updates in the field to ensure peak performance and the highest customer satisfaction. Once data is downloaded it can be transmitted through several secure methods including Wi-fi and Ethernet. DART has a larger bright 7” screen to view data live from the FDR. Customers using DART will also have the option to view the data in engineering units at the aircraft side. This will save time by allowing the maintenance team to quickly identify issues without performing conversions on the raw data. “We remain focused on providing our customers with unique experiences and products to assist in the optimization of efficiencies for the maintenance of their aircraft. Our new partnership with KGB Aviation offers our customers the opportunity to reduce costs by simplifying the FDR/CVR data downloading process through a market-disrupting tool capable of downloading from multiple recorder types.”, said John Werner, President, and CEO of Pilot John International.