Press Release: Aero Creeper leads the field with 10 height adjustable work bench by Editor - Daniel Brindley | February 23, 2022

Picture of Easy Creeper Work Bench
Easy Creeper Adjustable Height Ground Support Creeper

The AeroCreeper was born out of necessity as the solution to help pilots and aircraft mechanics easily maintain and clean their planes without the usual pain and discomfort that accompanies the task. The father and son engineering team of Travis and Joel Hendrickson designed the AeroCreeper with 10 adjustable heights, ranging from 5 inches to 20 inches, so you can easily and comfortably reach all parts of the aircraft.

See the Aero Creeper in Action!

The AeroCreeper is easy to operate, while also being extremely durable, so it will be a permanent fixture in your hanger or shop for years to come.

Travis Hendrickson owner and manufacturer of The AeroCreeper believes it’s the world’s best adjustable-height creeper. Travis said “With 10 quick and easy adjustable heights and a comfortable, durable design, the AeroCreeper is the only creeper you’ll ever need”.

The AeroCreeper lowers down to 5 1/4” and extends up to just over 20” in its highest position, so you can reach all those hard-to-reach places on your aircraft.

Comfortable Seat and Back Rest. The AeroCreeper is made with the highest quality materials and 1” thick high-quality firm grade foam, engineered using a high resilience cell structure for extended life, so you will enjoy the comfort of your AeroCreeper for hours on end.

The AeroCreeper is made from high-quality materials including 1-inch square steel tubing with 18-inch wall and holds 350lbs.

No assembly is required. The AeroCreeper comes fully assembled and ready for take-off. Use it the minute it arrives.

Travis states “We proudly design and manufacture the AeroCreeper right here in the United States. We ensure that every AeroCreeper is inspected and meets all design specifications before delivering to you”.

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