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Tech-Tool Plastics, Inc. has been in the plastics business for more than 45 years. We began by designing plaster mockups and precision fiberglass aircraft tooling for other companies in the aviation industry. We then turned to manufacturing helicopter replacement windows. We saw a need in the industry for high quality windows that were affordable. Our extensive tooling expertise produces windows that fit perfect every time, requiring little or no trimming and extending the life of the transparency. This quality meets and exceeds that of the OEM and results in significant savings in installation time and labor to our customers.

Tech-Tool manufactures a full line of replacement windows for Airbus, Bell, MD Helicopters, Robinson, and Schweizer. Our sole business is providing replacement windows, allowing us to focus all of our efforts on creating the best product available. In addition to standard windows, we have developed many exclusive specialty windows not offered by other manufacturers. These windows enhance many helicopter operations and fulfill specific requirements requested by our customers. They include custom photography and observation windows, as well as “Cabin Comfort” windows which enhance cabin space.

Tech-Tool Plastics designs, manufactures, and stocks a complete range of standard and custom windows that are optically true while fitting and working beautifully. In addition to our standard windows, which are available with pop-out air vents, vertical or horizontal slides, and in clear or tinted (in a variety of colors), Tech-Tool Plastics offers an array of specialty windows.

Clear or tinted? It’s up to you – all of our standard and specialty windows are available in standard Clear or custom tints: Blue, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Smoke Gray, Light Gray, Bronze or Dark Gray tinted acrylic.

Quick change rubber mounted windows - these windows mount with a rubber seal and can be used as a replacement for traditional rivet-in installation. These windows save installation time by eliminating rivets and repainting.

Looking for slides? If needed, we are happy to manufacture replacement slides that will perfectly fit our windows. All we need is the TTP part number. Please specify if LH or RH, and tint. We will install a handle on your replacement slide and will provide the felt necessary for installation.

  • Cabin Comfort Windows

    Offered for the Bell, Eurocopter, MD Helicopters and Robinson model helicopters. These wedge style windows offer increased pilot and passenger shoulder and elbow room throughout. Their clear-view design and non-opaque armrests allow for improved visibility and a custom appearance. Flight tests validate that there are no flight speed restrictions associated with Cabin Comfort windows.

  • Special Application Camera Windows

    Reverse, horizontal and vertical slide camera windows allow ready access for photography and observation applications. They are ideal for a variety of missions ranging from airborne law enforcement and news gathering to air medical services and feature a large opening for easy maneuverability.

  • Window Accessories

    Window Latch/Handle Assembly

    Window Vent Assembly

    Upper Door Window with Vent and Cover

    Snap Vent

    Gray Felt

    Back Channel Felt

    Lock latch

    Seal Tape 4949, 4646


  • Airbus

    We are proud of our complete line of standard and custom windows to fit your Airbus AS350, AS355, Alouette II, Lama, BO105, BK117, EC120, EC130, EC135, EC145 (BK117 C-2), AS332 and AS365, including several exclusive products like our Cabin Comfort windows.

  • Bell Helicopters

    Tech-Tool Plastics has a complete line of standard and custom windows for a wide range of Bell helicopters. We have the Bell windows you need, and the features you want! Available in Rivet or Rubber Mount, Clear or tinted acrylic.

  • MD Helicopters

    We manufacture a varied line of standard and custom windows for a wide range of MD Helicopters, including exclusive products like our Cabin Comfort windows. Available Clear or tinted; Smoke Gray and Dark Gray. These wedge-shaped windows provide more shoulder and elbow room for passengers and give pilots more freedom to maneuver.

    In addition, their clear-view design improves visibility and provides a custom appearance. Flight tests validate that there are no flight speed restrictions associated with Cabin Comfort Windows. Best of all, they are in stock now for immediate delivery.

  • Robinson Helicopters

    Tech-Tool Plastics has the perfect custom replacement door assembly to fit your R22 or R44 so you no longer need to take the doors off to accommodate your needs.

  • Schweizer Helicopters

    Tech-Tool Plastics has a great selection of windows available for Schweizer helicopters. Windows are available with air vents or horizontal slide.

    Full view doors and full View Cabin Comfort Door Assemblies offer full view vision through the entire door. The Cabin Comfort Doors extend shoulder and elbow room for increased comfort and productivity and increased cabin air circulation. Available with standard snap vents or with a vertical slide that provides a large opening for improved viewing and aerial photography requirements.


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