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For timely solutions to your aircraft MRO needs call on SAS. You’ll find products built for safety, with maximum efficiencies for your technicians. Our Models 7017 and 7027 maintenance stands represent new industry standards for Wi-Fi and SATCOM access on narrow and wide-body aircraft.

We tailor every docking system to your specific facility and airframe requirements; all are built with high-grade materials and components; and have available options for unique demands.

Should you need relocation services, modifications and refurbishments to your existing equipment, SAS can help there too.

A sample of our docking system designs includes:
Nose Docks (including adjustable windshield access stands)
Wing Docks (including adjustable dihedral designs)
Wi-Fi and SATCOM Maintenance Stands
Fall protection Stands
Tail Docks (horizontal and vertical access)
Special Application Docks (seat handling, apu access, and more)

SAS solutions help your Technical Operations save maintenance time and improve working and safety conditions for your team.

Recently SAS branched into work platforms for defense contractors. One contractor found our products outperformed and cost less than renting and erecting scaffolding. SAS designed work platforms to match the customer’s irregularly shaped parts; to be OSHA compliant; and efficient for their manufacturing process. Retractable sliders were incorporated to allow parts to be rotated and placed in and out of the fixture via crane instead of disassembling and moving scaffolding. The work platform users were able to standardize their work area instead of having a temporary and ever-changing work area.

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