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For more than 30 years, Jet Support Services, Inc. (JSSI), has been the leading independent provider of maintenance support and financial services to the business aviation industry. JSSI is responsible for maintaining in excess of 2,000 business jets, regional jets and helicopters across the globe and serves customers through an infrastructure of certified technical advisors. JSSI leverages this technical knowledge, experience, buying power and data to provide support at every stage of the aircraft life cycle; from aircraft acquisition to aircraft teardown and part out.

JSSI products and services include:
• Hourly Cost Maintenance Programs to stabilize aircraft maintenance budgets, enhance residual value, and provide peace of mind to aircraft owners and operators of virtually all makes and models of aircraft, engines and auxiliary power units (APUs)

• JSSI Parts & Leasing provides aircraft parts, leasing and supply chain solutions. From a single bolt to a complete engine, customers gain access to an inventory of over 38,000 aircraft parts, engines and APUs and a global vendor network to source assets for anything that flies. All backed by the buying power and expertise of JSSI, one of the largest purchasers of parts and maintenance services in the aviation industry.

• JSSI Advisory Services utilizes JSSI’s technical expertise and global network to deliver desktop appraisals by ASA-accredited appraisers, asset inspections, technical advice and maintenance event management. Trusted aviation advisors draw on decades of technical knowledge, experience and real-world data to consult clients.

• Conklin & de Decker enables aircraft owners and operators to make more informed decisions. More than 35 years of objective and impartial data powers digital tools to analyze aircraft ownership options with the most accurate performance and comparison data available, review critical state tax information.

  • JSSI Hourly Cost Maintenance Programs

    Whether you operate a jet, turboprop or helicopter in the business aviation, regional or commercial sector, we know the costs necessary to maintain your aircraft. With the JSSI Advantage, you get an expert team of Sales Directors, Client Relationship Managers and Technical Advisors with an unrivalled wealth of knowledge and maintenance experience on virtually every jet and turboprop make and model on the market. This team is your independent advocate throughout every maintenance event and is solely focused on delivering only what’s right for you and your aircraft.

  • JSSI Tip to Tail Maintenance Program

    What it covers:

    • 24/7 worldwide maintenance support
    • Scheduled and unscheduled maintenance
    • Troubleshooting labor allowance
    • Rental costs
    • Part, component or assembly repair and replacement during scheduled inspections and unscheduled maintenance
    • Technical oversight during major shop visits
    • Service bulletins (SBs)
    • Airworthiness directives (ADs)
    • Consumables
    • Standard freight
    • Priority shipping for AOG events
    • Efficiency bonus
    • WiFi coverage
    • Electronic maintenance tracking subscription
    • Mobile repair team
    • Nacelle coverage option
    • Parts-only coverage option
    • And more…

  • JSSI Engine Program

    What it covers:

    • Hard-time and on-condition maintenance
    • Parts and labor for scheduled and unscheduled shop visits
    • Parts and labor for unscheduled replacement of life-limited components (LLCs)
    • Labor for engine removal and reinstallation
    • Engine corrosion repair
    • Engine freight costs
    • Repair and replacement of engine accessories/line replaceable units (LRUs)
    • Parts for routine inspections
    • Labor for routine borescopes
    • Logistical support (requiring engine removal)
    • Troubleshooting labor allowance
    • Service bulletins (SBs)
    • Airworthiness directives (ADs)
    • Engine health monitoring
    • Spectrometric oil analysis
    • Rental engine costs
    • Foreign object damage (FOD) gap coverage
    • Program transferable at the time of sale
    • Parts and labor for scheduled replacement of LLCs
    • Labor for routine inspections
    • Priority shipping for parts
    • Logistical support for any AOG
    • 24/7 worldwide maintenance support
    • And more…


    What it covers:

    • Hot section inspection and overhaul
    • 24/7 worldwide maintenance support
    • Unscheduled maintenance
    • Future recommended and mandatory service bulletins (SBs)
    • Future airworthiness directives (ADs)
    • Line replaceable unit (LRU) coverage
    • Life-limited component (LLC) coverage
    • Rental APU costs
    • Troubleshooting labor allowance
    • Engine health monitoring
    • Spectrometric oil analysis
    • Program transferable at the time of sale
    • And more…

  • JSSI Airframe Program

    Airframe Program Benefits:

    • Stabilize maintenance costs with one fixed hourly rate
    • Experienced team of aviation professionals
    • Single point of contact
    • 24/7 airframe support
    • Receive labor reimbursement for in-house maintenance
    • Access JSSI engine and APU lease pool and parts inventory
    • Minimize downtime
    • Enhance residual value

  • JSSI Parts & Leasing

    Leverage JSSI’s scale and data to fulfil your aircraft parts requirements. We support more than 10,000 aircraft maintenance events annually for JSSI customers across virtually every make and model of commercial and business jet, turboprop and helicopter.

  • Supply Chain Solutions

    Strengthen your procurement capabilities and reduce in-house costs with our seasoned team of aircraft parts procurement and technical specialists at your service 24/7. All of our specialists have the technical knowledge and subject matter expertise to advise you at every stage and apply innovative solutions and processes proven to support 500+ purchase orders per month. Your dedicated parts procurement staff can analyze consumption of parts to accurately project maintenance costs, improve forward planning, and proactively stock parts to meet the demands of your next maintenance event.

  • The Conklin & de Decker Report

    Get the accurate data you need to compare fixed and variable FulLife™ costs, aircraft performance, and detailed specifications for more than 500 jets, turboprops, helicopters and piston aircraft.

    • Analyze real-world variable and fixed costs
    • Create engaging overlays, graphs, and graphics
    • Review the best performance data on the market
    • Create simple visual comparisons
    • Access 500+ makes and models

  • Aerotrac MRO Software

    Replace multiple applications and programs with a complete suite of capabilities designed to provide total visibility into all MRO business processes.

    • Aircraft maintenance tracking & planning
    • Aircraft maintenance & modification
    • Engine & component overhaul
    • Manufacturing & parts distribution

  • JSSI Advisory Service

    As an independent company with a global footprint, JSSI Advisory Services is uniquely positioned to provide clients with consistent, professional, and cost-effective solutions for virtually all makes and models of business aircraft.

    • Professional, responsive, and flexible services to meet your needs
    • 30+ years of aviation maintenance data at our fingertips
    • 70+ technical experts worldwide
    • 10,000+ maintenance events managed per year


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