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Flight Box Aviation Services was established in 2017 and fully certified as a line maintenance service provider, under Dominican Civil Aviation IDAC Part-145 certificate of approval No.FBAR009A in November 2020. Flight box provides a variety of aviation services which we can adjust to your aircraft demands and it is supported by a group of dedicated professionals with a vast experience in the aviation sector. Our administrative, operative and technical staff is ready to deliver a consistent, responsible, quality and cost effective service to our clients, maintaining the highest levels of safety standards and commitment.

As an independent provider in the DR region, our staff has a long experience and capability of providing line maintenance support. Based upon your flight operation program, Flight Box Aviation can provide an excellent standard of tailored services in the Dominican Republic to fit your needs. We have tailored our services to provide and offer more than just technical support. Our flexible maintenance solutions are tailors to meet your needs from line maintenance to overnight checks providing the appropriate support to Airbus and Boeing aircraft types. Our Technical team is ready to provide support to a vast aircraft/engine types covering mainly Airbus and Boeing aircrafts models. We work hard by expanding our aircraft knowledge with the new technology aircrafts such as the A220, A350, B737MAX and B787 in order to provide the best Products and Services.

  • Line and Base Maintenance

    FlightBox Aviation can offer a broad portfolio of services ranging from line maintenance, to minor inspections and up to A checks.

    Our customized services are available for a wide scope of transiting and overnight commercial and corporate aircraft, paying special attention to all operational requirements from each customer in accord to their flight operation schedules.

  • Complete Cabin Cleaning and Disinfection

    According to IATA Medical Advisory Group, the cleaning and disinfection procedures, in excess of the previous norms, are likely to form part of the range of measures required in a restart process. It is likely that improved routine cleaning could provide reassurance to passengers and increase their confidence in the reduced risk of the transmission of communicable diseases in aviation processes.

    Our Complete Cabin Cleaning services includes a total detailed cabin cleaning of each aircraft providing a deep sanitizing of entire cabin, including our 99.9% anti Covid disinfecting sterilizing cleaning process, that eliminates bacteria, microorganism and odors, leaving the cabin fresh, clean and safe. We use no sprays, odorizes, nor any product that could cause allergies. Service available only during RON or long layovers

  • Exterior Cleaning and Detailing

    Our aircraft detailing and appearance program is dedicated to provide a high customer satisfaction by rendering excellent service at the time of washing and cleaning customers aircrafts, delivering a high quality of interior/exterior clean.

    All products use on our work are exclusively of high quality and ecological sustainable. This ensures not just the longevity of your aircraft, it also saves the environment and all products comply with Boeing and Airbus standards and are EPA approved.

  • Station Audit Services

    Our station audit services are ready to deliver support to customers who are limited to travel due to the Pandemic restrictions and safety precautions issues, we offer our services to support and provide solutions to our customers by focusing on operational compliance and safety policies and procedures to comply with all aviation safety standards.

  • Line Service Set-up and Management

    If you need assistance in setting up a line station anywhere where you plan to operate, we have the capability to establish new line station at a very short period of time, subject to local rules and guidelines.

  • Scope of Services

    Our scope of services include:

    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Transit
    • Pre-flight check
    • Overnight
    • A-checks
    • Defect rectification
    • Unscheduled Maintenance
    • Management of spare parts equipment and tooling
    • Field representative service

  • Corporate Jet Services

    Corporate Jets are welcome and serve during extended parking periods or RON. We offer complete cabin cleaning services and complete Covid-Free cabin disinfection. Exterior cleaning and detailing services are also available.

Punta Cana International Airport
Punta Cana, Higuey, La Altagracia  23000
Dominican Republic