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Barden was founded by Theodore Barth and Carl Norden (hence the name "Bar-den") in 1942 to make precision ball bearings for the Norden bombsight. The bearings they manufactured were of exceptional quality, featuring tolerances beyond the scope of the technology then available.

In 1991, Barden became affiliated with FAG, and now forms the nucleus of its Aircraft and Super Precision (ACSP) Division. Included are facilities in Schweinfurt, Germany and Stratford, Canada, and its subsidiaries Winsted Precision Ball and Barden U.K., a manufacturer of precision ball bearings, based in England.

Today, Barden/FAG continues to meet the challenge of manufacturing to super-precise/super-critical tolerances, and is recognized as an industry leader in this achievement. As an ISO 9001 certified company, excellence in manufacturing remains our guiding principle. Today, Barden's reputation as a world leader in the design and manufacture of deep groove and angular contact super precision spindle and instrument bearings is unsurpassed.

Applications include machine tool, aircraft, special machinery and medical.

OEM customers are served direct by Barden/FAG, MRO customers are served by a network of over 1,000 distributor locations.

In 2019 Fag Barden changed their name to Schaeffler Aerospace Worldwide.

  • DER / DOA Repairs & Overhauls

    The Barden and FAG global repair station network is able to offer aerospace bearing repairs and overhauls which are accepted by both the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) by utilising a Design Engineering Representative (DER) and/or a Design Organisation Approval (DOA).

  • CF34 repair program

    The engine CF34 is manufactured by General Electric (GE). FAG Aerospace supplies, amongst other things, the engine bearings for several bearing locations in the CF34.

  • PW4000 repair program

    The engine PW4000 is manufactured by Pratt & Whitney.

  • Repair of CFM56 #4R Bearings with Replacement of Components – Bearing Reconditioning

    The CFM56 #4R main-shaft bearing is highly stressed during operation. To increase the reliability of this bearing, major design changes have been made.

  • Repair of Bearings with Roller Retention Cages – Bearing Reconditioning

    There are many methods of cage roller retention. One of them is called staked roller retention. This type of roller retention uses tangs, formed by a special cutting tool, to retain the roller in the cage pocket.

    Due to the increased risk of premature operational bearing failure, FAG strongly recommends that the practice of bending tangs is not used. FAG Repair Service will always replace this type of cage.


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