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Cargo Conversions, Structural Maintenace, Maintenance
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Laser Aviation is the leader in 3D laser scanning and modeling services for aviation and aerospace engineering worldwide, Laser Aviation's scanning and modeling expertise is invaluable providing savings in time and money.

We create exact 3-D laser images for fleet operators, individual aircraft owners, special operations modification and completion MRO's, DER's, OEM's or the rare aircraft restorer's. Once the data is collected Laser Aviation transforms that point cloud data into a 3-D solid model. The resulting files are exported as STEP, IGES, or ParaSolid files, as well as other file formats. The digital models are created so precisely that the FAA and the OEM's are relying on this type of documentation more and more. The 3-D models establish the baseline for repairs and enables engineers to more precisely prescribe a course of action. Once captured, the information can easily be shared with suppliers, customer's, and others worldwide via the internet. The digital files are also relied upon to capture existing conditions of the aircraft for future reference and establishing a base line of an individual air-frame.

We are often called in for:

1) Special Mission Modification
2) VIP Completions
3) Damage Inspections
4) Cargo Conversion
5) OEM laser scan overlay on the original docs

We bring extensive aviation experience and professionalism to every project and customize our support to your individual needs and requirements.

2966 Landington Way
Duluth, GA  30096


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