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Onsite Training

We can offer our world-renowned training at your facility as well as ours! We specialize in bringing our advanced composite courses onsite, anywhere in the world! We can provide you with “off-the-shelf” curriculum, or we can custom tailor the training to meet your specific needs! Whether you need training for a group of engineers or technicians, Abaris can accommodate! We offer a number of courses in different disciplines, taught by skilled instructors that have an average of over 25 years of experience in their field.

Onsite training is not only cost effective and rapid (5-10 days), but the primary benefit is realized after completion of the course, when all of your personnel are “on the same page” and no longer rely on legacy or second-hand information to perform their duties. The biggest advantage is that the entire group can immediately put their knowledge to work, in their own environment, resulting in increased productivity!

Consultation Services

Abaris Training offers personalized service aimed at providing up-front solutions for your new projects, or we can help you solve problems with your existing programs! We have built a worldwide reputation helping others to understand and apply advanced composite technologies. We offer both engineering and technical level services. Our goal is to save you time and money. We bring powerful problem-solving assistance, with decades of day-in-day-out experience in advanced composites and a vast network of resources at our disposal, including access to rare projects and unique contacts worldwide.

Just a few days of assistance can often save you thousands of dollars! Abaris regularly assists companies and research organizations with engineering and design reviews, analysis, and development of new materials and processes. We can also build or repair test structures for evaluation, make coupons for testing, develop successful and practical repair procedures, or assist you with other qualification programs.

  • Engineering & Design

    The engineering courses offered by Abaris are designed for today’s busy engineer looking to gain knowledge about composite materials, design, and analysis in a short period of time. Our 5-day courses are intended to provide a semester’s worth of information in a week’s time

  • Manufacturing

    Our manufacturing track is designed for both newcomers and seasoned technicians and engineers wishing to enhance their knowledge of advanced composite materials, processes, methods, and techniques utilized in today’s manufacturing industries.

  • Composite Repair

    Abaris Training has been providing top quality composite repair training since our inception in 1983! Our repair track is second to none, worldwide! We offer thirteen technical and three engineering courses specifically designed for those who are responsible for repairs to advanced composite structures.

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