Giuseppe GattoEnerion Europe
a year ago

enquiry for A109 Leonardo

1. A109SP Nose Cone - P/N 109-0313-08-303(A1)
2. Duplex Bearing PN 109-0133-05-101 alt 109-0133-05-105 6 pieces
3. Road End Damper Assy PN M004-01H007-041 ALT PN M004-01H007-045 6 pieces


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13 days ago
Looking for the below parts:

1. M004-01H007-041 / M004-01H007-045, ROD END DAMPER, Qty x 2 ea.

2. 109-0362-18-401, LATCH DOOR VEHICULAR, Qty x 2 ea.

3. 109-0313-89-125A1, DOOR BONDED LH, Qty x 2 ea.

4. 109-0313-89-115A1, DOOR BONDED RH, Qty x 2 ea

5. 109-0813V03-102, TUBE BLEED PORT OUTBOARD RH, Qty x 2 ea.

6. 109-0641-10-139, HALF CHANNEL ASSY LOWER, Qty x 2 ea.

7. 109-0813V03-101, HOSE ASSY AIR DUCT LH, Qty x 10 ea.

8. 109-0813V04-102, HOSE AIR DUCT, Qty x 2 ea.

9. 109-0744-20-111, EXTENSION HEADSET MIC ASSY, Qty x 1 ea.

10. 921-0738/01, SWITCH PUSH, Qty x 1 ea.

11. 109-0770V04-2A07, Flight Control System, Qty x 6 ea or any qty.

Define condition and certificate availability. Thanks