Tom GierhartHard Air Services
6 months ago

Help with FAR Regulations - Maintenance - Certification - Advice

FAR Regulations - Maintenance - Certification - Advice
At times we need guidance with the above categories. FARs are complicated, misinterpreted, and occasionally the FAA, and others, may use Local Policies instead of following Federal guidance.
Contact me for confidential assistance that may help you, or your business get or stay out of harm’s way. I am available for consultation at a reasonable rate. My guidance is experienced, practical and by the rule.

My career in aviation spans 22 years military aviation management, 18 years FAA Inspector, 14 years as a DAR certifying 596 aircraft in all categories. Also, over 80 aircraft accident investigations.
If you know others that may benefit from this training or assistance, please forward. Thank you.
Tom Gierhart


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